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July 11, 2019 - San Francisco

Chapter Launch Event

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San Francisco

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San Francisco Chapter Launch

TF Blockchain will be hosting our San Francisco Chapter Launch Event on July 11, 2019. Our Evening Event Series bring the energy and learning of TF Blockchain Conferences into a monthly Evening Event. 


Our events start out with Facilitated Networking Sessions, where the TF Team provides questions to attendees to ask each other, followed by interactive speaker session where speakers discuss advanced level topics and pose questions to the audience, and then concludes with a final Facilitated Networking Session based on question from speakers. 

Ethereum Classic Labs
111 Ellis St 2nd FloorSan Francisco, CA 94102


July 11, 2019

Speaker TBD


Speaker TBD


Speaker TBD


Speaker TBD


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Why San Francisco?

San Francisco is situated in an extraordinarily beautiful region, that by nature, encourages connecting with one’s surroundings. With San Francisco just a short flight from our Seattle HQ, we see opportunity to connect blockchain ecosystem to collaborate, innovate, and elevate the conversation.

San Francisco is the epicenter of technology and finance and has a burgeoning blockchain ecosystem while providing a radiant history of innovation and industry leadership.

The San Francisco Chapter will enable a deeper level of learning  with advanced level topics and connecting business and technology executives with blockchain innovators. We look to unite resources available in all our TF Blockchain cities, enhancing an overall commitment to joint growth.

Meet your Chapter Director

Could it be you?



We are still looking for our San Francisco Chapter Director. The ideal candidate will be working in blockchain and have a strong desire to grow the San Francisco community through building engaging networking opportunities, while following the guidelines and code of conduct of TF Blockchain.

Want to be a TF Blockchain Chapter Director?

What is TF Blockchain?

TF Blockchain was founded in May 2018 with the sole intent of providing the highest quality conference experience. Our conferences feature advanced content from industry thought leaders, while connecting those in business and technology with blockchain innovators through our interactive speaker panels and facilitated networking session, where we connect participants based on aspects like industry, job function, and interest. TF Blockchain provides a premier conference experience.

We have hosted three TF Blockchain Conferences to date. We are determining where TF4 will be held and look to partner with blockchain and technology leaders in San Francisco to help make this happen. 

Our monthly events are like single sessions from our conference format and we are excited to bring our format to San Francisco.