We have officially launched in Vancouver!

Thank you Vancouver and everyone who attended our Chapter Launch!

Building a supportive community, learning to constructively navigate industry challenges together and developing meaningful relationships all play a significant role in the foundation of change. One of the reasons behind why I took on the role of Vancouver’s TF Blockchain Director is to help bring forward an open and consistent space for collaboration, innovation, and education for the Vancouver blockchain community.

TF Blockchain creates such a strong base for working professionals in any industry to engage with blockchain leaders in North America that it didn’t make sense to keep growing without more actively engaging other communities into the conversation. Now, British Columbia has TF

Blockchain Vancouver to help bridge the gap between blockchain professionals, government participants, and the greater community within the Pacific Northwest, to delve into topics around commerce-at-large and blockchain use cases for mass adoption.

When we had the TF Blockchain Vancouver launch on March 14, 2019, it wasn’t entirely what I expected, in the best way possible! Each individual that walked through that door at the very beginning dove right into hellos, smiles and conversations. I was blown away to see the community being so interactive and positive from the get go. I actually had to take a step back just to take in how wonderful everyone was and how most of them just jumped into chatting with each other. That goes for the extroverts and introverts - which I think says a lot.

I loved being able to speak with people from all sorts of backgrounds like financial analysis, marketing, data science, academia, beauty and so much more. It’s been really exciting for me to meet with so many people interested in blockchain and looking for more ways to be involved or develop use cases for their respective industries. There were people from all ages and backgrounds gathered in a single room speaking with one another, laughing, and being challenged in conversation - I’m still thinking about the event. Now, put all that together with food, drinks and our amazing set of panelists. Seriously, it was almost too good to be true for our first event.

It was amazing to see all our participants feel so welcomed and to hear so many positive comments

about how they enjoyed themselves and are really looking forward to the value our events will bring to British Columbians across the Lower Mainland. Following up with all the positives reactions

has been overwhelming, again in the best way possible! With starting anything new, it takes time to grow and gain traction, the community excitement here made this easy and so much fun!

I think it’s important to find the right community fit for you and being able to feel welcome and accepted wherever you may be. Culture and commitment to work are equally important. That’s

what I want for the TF Blockchain Vancouver community and anyone that comes to the city. It’s professional, interactive, fun and holds strong to my values. I feel so privileged to be a part of it and can’t wait to see the community grow!

-Preet Deol, TF Blockchain Vancouver Chapter Director

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