Why we changed our name to TF Blockchain

In May of 2018 we set out with the mission to create the premier blockchain conference focusing heavily on advanced level topics and dedicated networking sessions, led by our speakers. Since that moment, we have hosted two successful conferences with speakers from around the world, with our next conference being held in Seattle on March 28, 2019, at the top of the Columbia Tower Club.

A few topics discussed by our speakers at our past two conferences:

  • Data Governance

  • Decentralized Identity

  • Empowering Consumers with Blockchain

  • Privacy and Security in Blockchain Development

  • Digital Assets and Securities in Technology Stack

  • Blockchain Disruption in Capital Markets

  • Venture Capital Investment in Blockchain Companies

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Future Cities

While one of goals is to highlight Seattle as a Blockchain hub, we have another goal of bringing our TF Conference format to other cities and to other verticals (more on verticals in a minute). Our plans for 2019 include growing TF Blockchain in new cities such as; Vancouver, Portland, and San Diego. We are looking for partners in these cities that share the same Blockchain enthusiasm as we do.

So why did we change the name from Token Forum to TF Blockchain?

As much as we love the name Token Forum, our conference is about a lot more than just tokens. We discuss blockchain, digital assets, infrastructure, business and enterprise use cases, just to name a few topics. We also received feedback from people saying they did not know the conference was about blockchain and thought it was only about cryptocurrency. Though our conference has always been focused on Blockchain, we felt the need to spell it out... literally.

What does TF stand for now?

"T" stands for Tech

"F" stands for Forum

Token Forum is now TF Blockchain (Tech Forum Blockchain)

More TF

We have created a conference and networking model that can be scaled across various verticals to build prime engagement between speakers and attendees, with guided networking to optimize connections.

Through our conference and networking model, we have seen our attendees make connections that have lead to million dollar strategic partner agreements, hiring key engineering talent, and building lasting relationships with fellow attendees and speakers

TF Blockchain is the first of our emerging technology conferences with other emerging technology verticals to be explored through future conferences in AI, IoT, AR/VR, Retail, MarTech, and Product Management.

Many great things to come in 2019, and we look forward to having you be a part of them all!

TF Blockchain (TF3) will be on March 28, 2019, in beautiful Seattle, Washington, at the top of the Columbia Tower Club.

Those Interested in bringing TF Blockchain to their city or collaborating with TF on AI, IoT, AR/VR, Retail, MarTech, or Product Management, please email us at

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