TF3 | Stable Coins: The Mass Market Use Case | Shamir, Kory, David, Chris, Mitchell Moos moderator

TF3 Panel on Stablecoins: Shamir, David, Chris, Kory, and Mitchell

During a panel discussion on the use cases for stablecoin and cryptocurrency, moderator Mitchell Moos, editorial manager of Cryptoslate, speaks with Kory Hoang, CEO of Stably, Chris Banbury, Vice President of Prime Trust, David Segura, COO of Carbon, and Shamir Karkal, CEO of Sila.

Mitchell asks this panel of experts in the financial and stablecoin industry, what role does stablecoins play within both the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the overall broader finance system? The panel discusses, innovation, additional functionality built on top of a stable FIAT currency, and governance as the main reasons to have a stablecoin in the first place.

The panel also discusses the possibility of governments, like the US government, creating a stablecoin and what that would mean for companies such as Stably, Carbon, and others in the stablecoin industry.

Please watch the video below to hear our expert panelists talk about stable coins, cryptocurrency, and the future of finance.

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