TF3 | Financial Markets Implementing Blockchain | Jim, Yan, Sean, Robert

Industry Experts: Yan, Sean, Jim, and Robert discuss implementing blockchain in financial markets TF3

Panelists left to right: Yan Stavisski, LATOKEN Us Operations and Founder of Third Wave Revenue. Sean Hsieh, Founder and CEO at Concreit. Jim Dolbear, President of Elixxir. Robert Beadles, Co-Founder/builder of Monarch Wallet.

Watch as Robert Beadles moderates a panel discussion of industry experts on security tokens, the benefits and issues of asset tokenization, and the biggest hurdles of digitizing assets. Topics discussed are liquidity, government regulations, and tokenized real estate.

Jim Dolbear of Elixxir states, "The administrative and technical details of establishing ownership and transferring ownership, and tracking ownership [of digitized assets] actually pale in light to establishing value and liquidity and that's true in mature markets here." Watch below for full discussion of this topic and more!

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