TF3 | Decisioning Engine on the Blockchain | Eric Lynch

Eric Lynch at TF3 speaking on Decisioning Engine on the Blockchain

Eric Lynch, CEO of a biotech company called CoSensai, sees everything as a RFP (Request for Proposal). "You are either looking to solve a problem or you are looking to take advantage of an opportunity, or some hybrid of that. To me, this is an RFP." And Mr. Lynch believes the RFP process, or the decisioning process, is flawed.

CoSensai is trying to solve this problem by doing some social engineering. They are trying to apply distributed app technology, blockchain technology, and looking at building a decisioning engine on blockchain. With this decisioning engine, Mr. Lynch states the proof of worth, proof of state will be automated and layered right on top of the RFP process.

"There are massive amounts of decision making management software," states Mr. Lynch, "but not decisioning software - there is nothing that drives it to conclusion. " In this podcast, Mr. Lynch lays out the value added benefits of decisioning software, basically an operating system for RFP process. Watch the complete podcast below to learn more about RFPs, the decision making process, and what is possible.

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