Recap from Ep 03: Productization of Blockchain

Left to right: Jonathan G. Blanco (TF Blockchain), Taban Cosmos (Dragonchain), Symon Perriman (Fanwide), Bryan Starbuck (Zenledger)

Productization of Blockchain was the topic during our episode 3 event held Thursday, May 9. Three speakers, Symon Perriman (CEO and Founder of Fanwide), Taban Cosmos (software engineer at Dragonchain), and Bryan Starbuck (CTO and Founder zenledger) discussed with our own Jonathan Blanco (TF Blockchain) some of the use cases of blockchain and how they use blockchain technology in their own businesses and why. The evening commenced with an informal dialogue between attendees and speakers asking the question, "What does the productization of blockchain mean to you?"

Blockchain is an amazing technology with many use cases and applications that can change the way we interact with industries such as commerce, healthcare, gaming, legal, real estate, finance, and any other industry that depends on databases. Before any company or project implements blockchain, they must first be solving a problem, and this problem solving is crucial to product management.

There are four steps to a blockchain implementation that apply no matter what industry your company is in:

STAGE ONE: Identify a use case and develop a technology plan.

STAGE TWO: Develop a proof of concept (POC).

STAGE THREE: Administer a field trial, which involves a limited product run with customer- facing data, and is stepped up to involve more customer-facing products and data volumes.

STAGE FOUR: Launch a full volume roll out in production.

-Jeff Garzik, Co-founder Bloq

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