Privacy and Security In Your Blockchain

At our last TF Blockchain, we hosted several influential speakers working on privacy and security in blockchain. Our four panelists Jesse Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Tenta Browser, Tamara Rodgers, General Counsel for Pithia Inc., and Concreit CTO and Co-Founder Rui Maximo, joined us November 9th, 2018 for a discussion facilitated by EVERY* Chief of Staff Tiger Morgan.

Together, our speakers have extensive experience in distributed ledger technology, smart contract development and creating privacy and security in blockchain networks. Rui Maximo noted the aim of blockchain is to create open transparent systems.

As Jesse Adams comments, most browsers record user information and behaviors on websites. Adams wants to create a browser that brings transparency and blocks interfaces designed to trick users. Other speakers agreed digital assets must be backed up with the necessary security measures.

In summary, accessing data off-chain reduces the occurrence of system hacks. Maximo suggested increasing permission levels in all areas of a network that experience traffic. Creating strong security structures and doing proper assessments of risk is a similar perspective shared by Tamara Rodgers.

To learn more details about security and privacy in your blockchain watch the video below.

For more information from our panelists and their respective companies, links are below: Jesse Adams


Rui Maximo