PRESS RELEASE: TF Blockchain Conference #TF4

TF Blockchain, the Pacific Northwest’s Premier Blockchain, Bitcoin, and FinTech conference is back for their fourth soon to be sold out conference in just 15 months. TF4 features speakers from Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Coinstar, and cryptocurrency companies Coinmine, Coinme, and Stably.

The Triple Door, November 14, 2019

SEATTLE, WA, November 14, 2019

After three sold out conferences, the Pacific Northwest’s premier Blockchain and FinTech conference, TF Blockchain Conference is back for TF4, featuring enterprise companies actively building solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency like Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, mid-sized companies adopting bitcoin as a line of business like Coinstar, and startups like Coinme, Celsius Network, and Stably. TF Blockchain continues to broaden awareness and acceptance of blockchain by connecting business and technology executives with blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency innovators. Focusing strictly on companies with active solutions and products, advanced level topics, engagement between speakers and attendees during panel discussions, and emphasizing a high importance on making connections through facilitated and matchmaking networking sessions. Participants will leave with meaningful connections and learnings they can bring back to their organizations as they begin to think through adoption.

Blockchain executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers will participate in intimate and interactive speaker and panel-led discussions on real-world business use cases driving broader innovation and industry adoption, emerging trends, current challenges and opportunities.

The conference is a combinations of Panels, Lightning Talks (15 minute subject matter expert talks), Fireside Chats, and Facilitated Networking Sessions, which are one of the highlight of TF Conference and Events. During these Facilitated Networking Sessions, TF poses and presents questions to the audience which they can use as ice-breakers to meet fellow participants based on industry, job function, and interest.

TF Blockchain has been the catalyst to forge relationships for its members. Past participants have been introduced to capital, raised capital, hired new employees, or have been hired on themselves as a result of the connections they have made at TF Blockchain.

TF Blockchain was founded by Jonathan G Blanco, hosting his first blockchain conference TF1 in August of 2018. Jonathan saw the need for a different conference experience, one focused on connections and education, rather than product demonstrations or pitches.

“TF Blockchain is a mashup between a TED Talk and Mastermind, filled with education and conference led opportunities to meet and interact with fellow participants and speakers. Through our TF Blockchain Conferences and local events, we educate companies and their representatives so they can be the mavens in their organizations to begin exploring blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin as a business and product case.” - Jonathan G. Blanco

TF Blockchain recently announced their blockchain product studio, TF Labs, where Jonathan and his team consult with companies exploring blockchain and developing strategies on how to integrate with a company’s existing business, products, and platforms. TF Labs also builds software products and solutions for companies from Enterprise to Startups, and is quietly working on internal products with the intent to spin out into companies.

Forum topics will include:

“Enterprise Branded Currency: What comes after Libra?”

“Will the History of Money, Repeat Itself?”

“Regulations, Tax, and Compliance”

“Enterprise Blockchain Demystified”

“How the Enterprise is Betting Big on Bitcoin Mining”

“Record Management of Data on Blockchain”

“Fireside Chat with Farbood Nivi, CEO of Coinmine”

Featured speakers include:

Christian Hasker Chief Marketing Officer at Hedera Hashgraph; Kapi Attawar; Chief Revenue Officer at Samsung SDS; Steve Adams Head of Technology at Coinstar; Ashley Harrell Director of Operations at Celsius Network; Paige Krieger Program Manager Blockchain Platform at IBM;

Dax Hansen Partner at Perkins Coie; Nihar Modi Blockchain Product at Amazon; Darren Marble Founder & CEO at Issuance; Rachel Wolfson Enterprise Blockchain Journalist at Cointelegraph; Farbood Nivi CEO and Co-Founder at Coinmine; Kristy-Leigh Minehan Founder & CTO at ohgodagirl; Robert Mao Founder and CEO at ArcBlock; Bob Cornish Partner at Anderson Kill;

Raymond Walintukan Director of Mining Operations at Bitmain; Jenn Lowther Chief Revenue Officer at NetCents; Robert Beadles Founder at Cryptobeadles & Monarch; Erik Jansen Member Advisor at Citizen Coinage Advisory Committee; Patrick Larsen Founder and CEO at ZenLedger; Antonio Alvarez Chief Compliance Officer at Coinme; David Zhang Chief Technology Officer at Stably; David Houlding Principle Healthcare Lead Blockchain at Microsoft; Dr. Setrag Khoshafian Chief Evangelist and VP of BPM Technology at Pegasystems; Jacob Kostecki CEO and Founder at Massive Adoption; David Kruger VP of Strategy at Absio; Jonathan G. Blanco CEO and Founder at TFLabs.

To learn more about the TF Blockchain or TF Labs please contact TF Labs’, Chief of Staff

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