Interview with Amy Karr at TF Blockchain 2 - November 9, 2018

Twiced-named Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur and CEO of Galileo, Amy Karr joined us at TF2 to talk about product marketing in blockchain. Often panelist and speakers focus heavily on the technology side of blockchain. Amy’s role is quite different. Her concentration is on helping consumers understand the problems being solved using blockchain technology through designing product strategies, designing brand ambitions, and creating proper mission statements.

She was inspired by blockchain technology from her experiences in political campaigns. She saw that blockchain was the only way to bring about transparencies and accountabilities within voting systems.

Amy points out that there are many blockchain start-ups that are popping up each and every day.

She wants to help blockchain technologies devise better strategies and have a clearer picture of their aims for both the companies themselves, as well as the consumers they are trying to appeal to. As a strategist, Amy asserts she can help drive blockchain start-ups to higher levels by defining their roles. Using this ideal, Amy suggests that these small startups can gain loyalists and benefits from blockchain in a way that can make them competitive or even greater than large companies.

Check out the video to learn what Amy Karr thinks makes Seattle special when it comes to blockchain technology and the community.

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