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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

In August of 2019, TF Blockchain Founder and CEO, Jonathan Blanco, interviewed Douglas Horn, Chief Architect and White Paper Author at Telos and Founder and CEO of GoodBlock, Shi Shu (Riley Shu) of ArcBlock, and Wesley Duncan, a former e-sport professional. This blog is a follow up to that event and podcast.

Photo Credit: Carl Raw

Technological developments in computerized and electronic games have shaken the gaming world to its core. With the evolution of Mario from a pixel-eyed character to a well-detailed figure that has been featured in several versions of the original Nintendo game, the world of gaming has, since the original invention and launch of Nintendo, evolved to be

one of the largest industries at the global level.

Coupled with the development of professional gaming on different platforms across the

world, it is no surprise that this fast-developing industry is being incorporated into the

equally fast-rising digital-based world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. From

institutional investments to enterprises, the crypto space has been integrated into

mainstream industries. Financial institutions, private organizations, and even the

government of most developed (and a few developing) countries have incorporated

cryptocurrencies, blockchains and other aspects of the crypto space into their research

and innovation development plans.

This TF Blockchain podcast featured experts on gaming and blockchain, Douglas Horn, Founder and CEO, GoodBlock and Shi Shu (Riley Shu), Data and Software Engineer, ArcBlock and Wesley Duncan, Web developer at TF Blockchain who was formerly a professional gamer, alongside the host Jonathan Blanco, Founder and CEO, TF Blockchain. This discussion centered on the evolution of the gaming industry and how it has come to par with the world of blockchain. Based on his previous experience in gaming, exclusively, Douglas was able to provide the majority of the insight into the practical functioning aspect of gaming on blockchain cyberspace. With particular reference to the games which have been successfully launched by GoodBlock, on blockchain.

Riley also offered insight into the physics of the dynamic realities in the relationship between

gaming and blockchain, which was primarily established to focus on decentralizing

gaming software, as well as updates and development, while hosting on a secure digital

space that does not require constant maintenance, a centralized server. Riley’s

response to a question on the physics of creating characters, interfaces and trading

tokens, a special feature of gaming on blockchain, highlighted the fact that games on

blockchain can also be categorized as digital assets, just like the characters created by

other users and cryptocurrencies. This makes it such that value can be attached to what

was previously a way of spending time and fine-tuning gaming skills.

Throughout this conversation, it was established that gaming on blockchain did a lot more than provide a new space for games to be created and played; it secured assets. The assets in context are the time, experience and expertise of the users (players). Also, the ability to create characters, gadgets and other interfaces of a game, develop it and then sell for cryptocurrency heightens the experience any gamer has. It also builds on the integrity of the crypto space and blockchain technology.

From the first blockchain game, Satoshi’s dice, to all the thousands being created daily,

it is evident that there is a shift in motion towards fully integrating the gaming industry as

blockchain-based. An article on the Techinasia website highlights the evolution of

blockchain technology , and identifies its possible future as a lucrative aspect of the

gaming industry, which is more than enough incentive to drive institutional investment.

With mainstream interest, like the Zynga cofounder who developed a gala network for

decentralized gaming, going into gaming and blockchain, a full-shift in mass adoption

can be expected. In the same way that online gaming took the world by storm over a

decade ago, the fusion of gaming and blockchain is set to repeat it on a higher-scale.

In closing the session, the question posed to the audience was,

“Where do you see blockchain…1 year from now, and 10 years from now?”

Listen to the full podcast here.

Want to start a TF Blockchain chapter in your city? Look here!

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