Future of Decentralized Identity with Jonathan Smith at TF2

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Jonathan Smith, CTO of Civic, joined TF on November 9, 2018 to speak on the topic of creating unique blockchain identities. Jonathan’s interest in blockchain was ignited in 2013 when he saw it as a potential way of securing identities.

After living in South Africa, Smith witnessed elections being marred due to systems that were not capable of computationally forming solid unique identities that could not be tampered with.

Smith questions,

"Why can’t all of the most recent data about you be stored on a blockchain network and ease the process of identification by companies, or other institutions which require and approve of it?”

Using the model proposed by Mr. Smith, will not only aid in elections, but also in banking. With real time data accessed on the blockchain network at your approval, it would eliminate the need to fill out lengthy bank forms.

“For the system to operate well, it will need regulations and bring benefits to users and the consumers,” Smith adds, “that most blockchain networks fail to succeed because they are not end-user friendly.”

He argues that for mass consumers to be onboarded, blockchain networks must be faster and remain decentralized, with no one regulating them. Though the system is decentralized, you will have total control of who can have access to your data. This idea stems from the GDPR policy in Europe.

To learn more in-depth knowledge on creating unique identities on blockchain, watch Jonathan Smith’s full presentation at TF2 below:

Follow Jonathan Smith @jonthepilot and Civic @civickey. Learn more about Civic from their website here.

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