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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

In November 2019, TF Blockchain founder Jonathan Blanco sat down with Nitin Gaur, Director of IBMWW Digital Asset Labs, to talk about digital assets. Read this blog below on digital assets and listen to the podcast linked to this blog.

From an abstract idea, a concept about the diversification of finance, to a world-changing development in technology, the crypto space has led to a form of technological/financial evolution. The 2017 spike in Bitcoin and the concurrent rise in other cryptocurrencies set the stage for this development, which has branched off from the crypto space, and has furthered the already emerging technology to support the integration of cryptocurrency as a globally accepted unit for financial transactions. This has been characterized by global knowledge of cryptocurrencies and crypto trade, as well as the enterprise and industrialization of manufacturing, investments and trading.

To a large extent, this evolution has also been supported by the innovation of cryptocurrencies as a digital asset. Taking this approach was imminent, due to the requirements of several investors in crypto space and other affiliated industries. There was a need for capital liquidation, which is basically the physical proof of investment and traceable profit. While the rate conversion for cryptocurrency and the United States Dollar was already in effect, it wasn’t enough conviction for most investors. However, with the introduction of digital assets, a term and system which made necessary provisions for cryptocurrencies to be regarded as assets like gold which appreciated over time and brought profit, there was an influx of investors in several industries for the advancement of crypto and financial technology.

In this podcast session recorded at the TF Austin chapter of TF Blockchain, host Jonathan G. Blanco sat down for a Fireside chat with Nitin Gaur, Director of IBM WW Digital Asset Labs on Digital Assets for Enterprise. Having worked with IBM for the last 20 years, Nitin Gaur has a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide insight about global payments and the importance of balance between public ventures. As the director of the Digital Asset Labs, Nitin was in the right professional position and has the field expertise to give background information on the evolution of the finance and economic industry, using technology such as cryptocurrency for transactions and investments.

This progression is so far-spread that it was referred to as the likely start of an industrial revolution in an article on ‘Digital Assets to take over the World’ published in March, 2019. As of January 2020, the United States Cryptocurrency tax policy was in full effect and there was another publication at the end of the month which provided extensive information on making the right personal and organizational investment choices for crypto. These allude to the fact that the financial technology world is no longer a novelty but is rather, slowly, becoming an accepted alternative to the traditional industries, as well as a viable investment option for digital assets.

Nitin Gaur went on to explain the difference between asset and technological asset, as analogical inference to the breakdown of the relationship drama. In the course of his explanation, Nitin also mentioned how public ventures operate at the public limited company (PLC) phase and as such do not have the extensive bandwidth to operate without proof of context. This explains the initial lag for investments as most groups have defined budgets towards innovations in regulated industries, such as banking and finance. Following the global recognition and increased engagement in the crypto space, however, investments have not only increased but institutional investors have also gotten involved.

In response to a question on the fusion of IBM and Blockchain, Nitin explained that since bitcoin went global alongside blockchain tech, and became an international phenomenon, IBM’s focus on the crypto space was a matter of time. The digital asset lab is designed as a form of harness, to create a fence against misappropriation and ease in carrying out transactions –the balanced convergence. He further highlighted that value for capital was central to digital assets, for which the system was fully capable, due to the security of investors’ funds and assurance of liquidity, with a traceable and auditable system.

To surmise his point, investment in the capital market is very essential in becoming an active part of the current cryptocurrency trend; if you are not going to invest in a digital asset, you do not need the knowledge of Blockchain. Nitin also predicted that with the progression in cryptocurrency and trade at the moment, most Fortune 100 companies would have their own currencies within the next few years based on the value derived from assets –especially, digital assets.

He concluded his contribution by highlighting the fact that the government is the single, most pivotal, element which could drive the success or failure of the blockchain network in the foreseeable future and he ended with a simple, yet thought-inspiring question,

‘…have we achieved what we set out to achieve with blockchain?’

You can join in on the conversation through our social media platforms. You can also listen to the full podcast, here

TF Austin group photo after fireside chat with Nitin Gaur


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