Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency - Lessons in Fraud Protection in Cryptocurrency

Paul Walsh of MetaCert at TF3 in Seattle, March 28, 2019

At TF Blockchain 3, Paul Walsh, CEO of MetaCert, led an interactive discussion on fraud protection, identity theft, and fraud within the crypto-world. Paul explained that in the world in which we live, everything is shared electronically via a link, however there still continues to be problems with people simply opening, or clicking on the wrong link. The usual ways of protecting oneself from being redirected to unauthorized sites, blocking, looking for the padlock in the browser, and looking at the URL, are no longer good enough to insure your identity and information is safe while surfing the web. Paul says this is because “HTTPS is everywhere and [it] is an existential threat to the safety of the web.”

Paul pointed out that 90% of all security breaches start with phishing and that cybersecurity is the fastest growing industry sector in the world. After all that has been done, we still have a problem with people opening the wrong link in 2019. We need a different approach.

View our podcast, TF3 | Lessons from Protecting Over 1 Million People in Crypto from Fraud | Paul Walsh below to find out more on cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and protecting your wealth and identity on the web.

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