Blockchain Disruption In Capital Markets

TF Blockchain 2 hosted several influential speakers for discussion centered on the financial aspects of blockchain and crypto: Mohamed Elkasstawi, a partner at the blockchain investment fund zk Capital based in Chicago, Jesse Proudman, co-founder and CEO of crypto hedge fund trading software Strix Leviathan in Seattle, Alex Aginsky, founder of BuildingBits, a Portland-based company developing fractional ownership and commercialization of real estate, Stephanie Vaughan, current CFO of Elixxir, founded by digital currency pioneer David Chaum, founder of DigiCash. Our four panelists came together to discuss the effects of blockchain in capital markets, agreeing blockchain technologies have a bright future ahead.

Aginsky noted the number of blockchain projects developing in various sectors of the economy. He suggested there are blockchain projects that will stand the test of time and be powerful in their respective sectors.

Mohamed Elkasstawi expressed what he appreciates in the evolution of blockchain in Asia, sharing that Asia is leading in developing more user-friendly blockchain games and ensuring transparency. Seeing the potential to introduce security tokens, Jesse Proudman believes this to be an opportunity to explain the regulations in digital assets, along with their usability and sustainability to help investors stay informed in their decision making.

Tokenization has sparked change in the blockchain world, though Proudman sees room for improvement in the user interface. Better user interfaces will bring scalability by increasing ease of access and lowering the barrier for mass adoption.

Smart contracts are also evolving rapidly in the blockchain space, hence forming a solid foundation for mass capital adoption.

To learn more in-depth about digital assets in capital markets, watch the full presentation at TF 2 below:

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Alexander Aginsky