Blockchain and Tokens in Your Technology Stack

For TF Blockchain 2, we hosted several influential technical speakers from some of the most developed blockchain projects in the space. They included David Zhang, CTO of Stably, Jonathan Smith, CTO of Civic, Paul Sonier, CTO of DragonChain, Rui Maximo, CTO of Concreit, and Matthew Blancarte, CTO of CryptoSlate. They joined us November 9, 2018 for TF 2 on a panel to talk about blockchain and tokens in technology stacks. Together, our speakers have more than a decade of experience with distributed ledger technology and smart contract development.

All our speakers agreed that blockchain projects, especially more popular ones like Ethereum, had a bad user experience and that blockchain projects needed to have better user interfaces. Better user interfaces will bring scalability by increasing ease-of-access and lowering the barrier for mass adoption. As mentioned by Rui, it is easier to interact with ERC-20 compared to other Ethereum functions like ERC-777.

A company like Stably converts fiat currencies into tokens which you can use online. David Zhang argues that basically using fiat currencies in the digital space brings complex regulations and hence the need to use tokens.

On the other hand, Paul Sonier of Dragonchain, enables B2B businesses to create blockchain networks and chains that enables interactions between public and private blockchains with restful APIs.

Paul Sonier says that his technology also puts the complexities of the blockchain behind and users are able to command activities without even having knowledge of the blockchain.

To learn more in-depth about technology tokens watch the full presentation at TF 2 below:

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