A Look back at TF Blockchain's 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on TF Blockchain's 2019 and how it has lead to great impact and growth for our organization. From hosting two additional conferences, to launching chapters in cities across North America, and even launching our own Consulting and Startup Studio with TF Labs. It's been a great year and we look forward to accelerating the growth in these verticals.

Before we recap, we must thank each and everyone of you for supporting our organization and helping us drive towards are goal of providing education and community around #blockchain, #bitcoin, and #cryptocurrency.

TF3 March 2019

In March we hosted our third SOLD-OUT TF Blockchain Conference at the top of the tallest building in Seattle, the Columbia Tower. We had renowned speakers like Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital and the Off the Chain Podcast, Viktor Radchenko of Trust Wallet, Rui Zhang of Gumi Cryptos, and many more executives, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers. Watch Videos from TF3

Launched Chapters throughout North America

After TF3 in March, we set out to bring our intimate style of networking to cities across North America by launching our first chapter in Vancouver, B.C. Since we have launched chapter in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Austin, and San Antonio. It's been amazing to see each community grow and be able to unite across cities. Read Article in CryptoSlate

Our local chapter events have hosted big time speakers such as Jimmy Song, Peter McCormack, and Mance Harmon.

Launched TF Blockchain Podcast

In 2019 we also launched our TF Blockchain Podcast by recording each one of our Chapter events as well as conducting interviews with top innovators in this emerging space. This has allowed for us to bring our conference and event experience from each city and share to each of you no matter where you are in the world. Listen and Subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, or on most major podcast platforms.

Launched TF Labs: Blockchain Startup Studio & Consulting

In June of 2019, we announced TF Labs as our Blockchain Startup Studio and Consulting arm. We have been working with companies to establish their Blockchain Product Strategy as well as overall Product Management Strategy. Companies are looking for a trusted resource to explore productizing for Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency and TF Labs internal team along with our vast speaker network have been leading the charge towards innovation.

The Startup Studio side of TF Labs has seen us build independent products with the aim towards getting to revenue after the build of each MVP. Each product we build must solve a significant pain for our work flow and/or for that of one of our consulting clients. Our first product which is focusing on Conference Loyalty and Retention is set to launch at the end of Q1 2020, followed by our second product focused on Bitcoin Loyalty Rewards and Payments in Q2 2020.

If interested in getting involved with TF Labs as a client, partner, entrepreneur, or investor, please visit us at

TF4 November 2019

We ended 2019 with our fourth sold out TF Blockchain Conference at a new venue, The Triple Door. We had speakers from companies like IBM, Amazon, Samsung, Celsius Network, and Coinstar.

You can watch videos from TF4 on our Youtube Channel or listen to all sessions on our TF Blockchain Podcast.

Thank You!

Thank you for continuing to support and be a part of our TF Blockchain community. 2020 is poised to be an even greater year for TF Blockchain and TF Labs. We'd love to continue to have you support.

Please email and let us know how you'd like to get involved.

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