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Episode 10

February 28, 2020


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Fireside Chat with David Kemmerer -

"The Taxing Side of Crypto"

TF Blockchain will be hosting our seventh TF Austin Event on January 15, 2020. Join us for a Fireside Chat with David Kemmerer, CEO and CoFounder of CryptoTrader.Tax, a software managing and automating trades made so you can identify your tax liabilities. We will be audio recording the chat for our TF Blockchain Podcast. (


February 28, 2020


111 Congress Ave

Austin, TX 78704

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#TF6 TF Blockchain Conference

June 2020

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Why Austin?

With a vibrant startup community and its ability to attract enterprise giants looking to build a presence in the region, Austin is growing rapidly from within and has established itself as major technology hub.

TF Blockchain believes in the opportunity to connect and unite blockchain ecosystems across cities around the world to collaborate, innovate, and elevate the conversation.

Austin has become a catalyst for growth and has a burgeoning blockchain ecosystem with established companies and investment capital, eager to continue to develop the market and expand blockchain initiatives as the leading hub in emerging technology for Texas.

The Austin Chapter will enable a deeper level of learning with advanced level topics, connecting business and technology executives with blockchain innovators. We look to unite resources available in the Hill Country, enhancing an overall commitment to joint growth.

Meet your Chapter Director

Kurtis Friesen

Senior Director, North American Markets

Data Center Dynamics

Kurtis is a dynamic and strategic executive, spending the last decade leading and growing the development of new markets in the data center industry. As a regular speaker at conferences, Kurtis has become a thought leader in the industry and is a trusted advisor to the top data center operators across North America. Kurtis sees data centers and blockchain to be mutually impactful in their growth, leading to mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency by allowing the technology to be easier to scale and used by enterprise corporations.

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What is TF Blockchain?

TF Blockchain was founded in May 2018 with the sole intent of providing the highest quality conference experience. Our conferences feature advanced content from industry thought leaders, while connecting those in business and technology with blockchain innovators through our interactive speaker panels and facilitated networking session, where we connect participants based on aspects like industry, job function, and interest. TF Blockchain provides a premier conference experience.

We have hosted three TF Blockchain Conferences to date. We are determining where TF4 will be held and look to partner with blockchain and technology leaders in Austin to help make this happen. 

Our monthly events are like single sessions from our conference format and we are excited to bring our format to Austin.

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